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Choose Your Base

Start at Base 1 for beginners, pick up from where you left off on your last visit or choose something new.

Base 1 - Start at the very beginning

We assume absolutely nothing!!

In Base 1 you start at the very beginning.
Discover why you need to expose your business both online and in Social Media, find out the latest statistics and news to back up our information.
Everything is explained assuming you have no prior knowledge and is presented in a friendly easy to follow manner, one step at a time.

Base 2 - Learn how to adjust and optimise your images

Your introduction to graphic design.

In Base 2 we'll show you how to prepare your images for publication online, embed your logo on to the photos, add text and so much more...all using software that is available FREE OF CHARGE.
We'll guide you step by step from the initial setting up or editing your image right through to optimising the file size for uploading to your website or Social Media page.

Base 3 - Learn how to create and edit video

Learn how to create, add clips, edit & make the most of video.

In Base 3 you'll learn how to make the most of video for your Social Media pages or for your website by using a FREE programme that you may already have on your PC.
We'll take you through each section at your chosen pace explaining it all as we go and we'll give you links to some FREE videos available for you to use.

Base 4 - Find out why Social Media is so important

Which platforms should you be using?

In Base 4 we'll bring you completely up to date with the ever changing world of Social Media.
We'll guide you step by step so you can make informed decisions about which platforms you should be using to promote your business and why!!
This section is continually updated, so make sure you come back often.

Base 5 - Learn how to be successful on Facebook

Be seen on this Social Media giant.

In Base 5 you'll learn how to market your business on Facebook, how to improve your page, create and schedule your posts, how to add photos or video for maximum impact, how you can increase your reach without having to spend hours in front of your PC screen and much more!!

Base 6 - Learn how to be successful on Twitter

Twitter is very much alive & kicking!!

In Base 6 you'll learn how to create your Twitter page so that it looks amazing. We'll move on to showcasing your business by adding the relevant information, how to add photos or video for maximum impact, how you can use a FREE programme to post or tweet to up to 3 Social Media platforms at once.

Base 7 - Learn how to be seen on Google My Business

This platform is more important than ever right now!!

In Base 7 we'll show you why and explain how to get seen in Google search, even without a website.
We'll guide you step by step from the initial setting up and editing your page right through to effectively marketing your business through this recently updated platform.

Base 8 - Learn how to be successful on Instagram

The second biggest platform to be on!!

In Base 8 we'll show you how to get started on Instagram, we'll explain the importance of this mobile platform.
Guide you step by step from the initial setting up or editing your page right through to effectively marketing your business.

Base 9 - Learn how to be successful on LinkedIn

Perfect if you're in a B2B environment.

In Base 9 we'll show you how to initially set up your personal page, then add your two business pages to showcase exactly what you do and how to gain contacts relevant to you.
We'll take you through each section at your chosen pace explaining it all as we go.

Base 10 - Learn how to build your own professional business website

Build your own great looking website with's professional and it's FREE.

In Base 10 we'll start with explaining hosting options, SSL certificates and all the basics you'll need to get started.
We'll move on to installing WordPress on your hosting account and show you how to create your own website from scratch using all FREE tools!!

Base 11 - Find out how to make your website search engine friendly

Give yourself the best chance of being on page 1 of Google Search.

In Base 11 we'll show you how Google provides us with many of the tools we need to be seen on search and we'll go through step by step procedures so you can ensure you comply with everything you need to.
You could save yourself £1000's in this section by learning how to do your own SEO.

Base 12 - Learn how to succeed with email marketing in your business

Probably the most vital component in your Online Marketing Strategy.

In Base 12 we'll start with explaining why email lists are so important and different methods you can use to build yours.
Then we'll move on to creating engaging subject headlines, content, imaging and sending emails, one step at a time using a FREE online provider of this service.

Base 13 - Find out how to push your business forward by using paid online advertising

Paid advertising works, but only if it's done properly!!

In Base 13 you'll find out how to effectively use paid advertising on both Social Media and Google Adwords.
We know the financial restrictions small businesses have when it comes to high price advertising, however, if you've got an advert you know will work, it greatly reduces the risk. We'll cover test advertising, A/B comparisons and much more!!

Base 14 - Learn how to increase your business by using online chat

Online chat is a massive growth area for your business!!

In Base 14 we'll show you how you can turn a one direction marketing campaign in to a virtual face to face conversation using online chat, giving you a much higher number of unique opportunities to sell your products or services.
Whether you would prefer to use Messenger or a FREE online chat box integrated in to your website, you can greatly increase your revenue!!

Base 15 - Why you should and how you can do things differently in your business

There are really only two ways to be successful online!!

In Base 15 we'll  explain the two different methods you can use to build a successful business online.
We'll showcase a few options you can use to differentiate yourself from your competitors and show you how to integrate them in to the very core of your business. People get lost in the noise of the internet and will scroll past your business unless you give them a reason to stop and look.

Base 16 - How to build your own E-Commerce website

Build a modern, professional looking e-commerce website using FREE programmes!!

In Base 16 you'll learn how to build your own e-commerce website using Opencart.
We'll take you through the whole process one stage at a time from loading the site to setting up popular payment options.
Opencart  is a great way to put your products online and can be integrated with most major payment options, making it so much easier for you to include it in your business portfolio.

Base 17 - Coming soon!!


Base 17 is a work in progress and will be available soon!!

Base 18 - Coming soon!!


In Base 18 is work in progress and will be available soon!!