About Us


Our vision

Our vision is for any small business to be able to gain access to the necessary knowledge to compete and succeed online.

The Baseroom is committed to helping our members achieve this by being a reputable online learning academy for that purpose.

The content of our Base Modules is specifically designed for this purpose and will provide a sufficient level of knowledge to achieve that aim.


The reason

At The Baseroom we know the future for almost any business will rely more and more on how successful they are online.
Some extremely large and well known organisations have collapsed over the last few years, mainly due to the fact that new technologies or methods were not embraced or implemented.
If this can happen to household brand names it can easily happen to many smaller businesses who have neither the knowledge or financial resources to enable prevention.
Our high streets, cities and even the world needs small business, they are a vital piece of any countries economy.

Our Story

We have been small business owners for almost 30 years, have had some great successes and even a few failures.
Learning from our mistakes was vital to prevent any chance of re-occurrence...and learn we did!!

In 2007 we had become successful enough to be able to retire with enough finances and assets to support us for the rest of our life in the sun.
The next thing we learnt was that, sometimes when you retire at an early age, the music within you just wants to keep on playing!!

I have to admit the struggle to fight this went on for almost 12 months. The weather and Mediterranean lifestyle were things we really didn't want to give up...yet we needed something constructive to do which would fall in line and compliment our new lifestyle.

A Business Consultancy was started concentrating on assisting small businesses to improve their online presence through websites and Social Media (which had really only just started back then).
We called it Basehound Media and had fully filled the client portfolio within a few months, such is the demand for these types of services.


Basehound Media is still very much a successful business, almost all the original clients remain with us, in fact we've only ever had to release one client during the whole trading period and that was purely because we were re-locating and the work for this client required continuous on site visits.
You'll find us on the web and on Social Media, but you won't really see us advertising anywhere. With a full portfolio of clients we have no need to advertise for more and if we did accept any more, it would mean providing a lesser service for our our existing clients or sacrificing our lifestyle.

However, we do want to help more small businesses in a way similar to the way we've helped our clients, with the same commitment to helping you achieve your own success.

Hence the birth of The Baseroom.
We teach you online, how to do everything we do for our client portfolio!!

Meet the Team

Our team has the experience, the knowledge and the skills to help you on the journey to success with your business!!!


Paul Farrington

Online Marketing & Social Media Guy

With a career in electronics, service management, retail sales and a DMS in General Management from Staffordshire University under my belt, I started my journey developing an interest in everything internet as soon as it became generally available in the mid 90's.
I still love it!!
You can be so creative and it can help you achieve pretty much anything you want...as long as you know how to do it properly!!


Brenda Farrington

Retail & Customer Service Specialist

Brenda's really camera shy and doesn't like any photos of herself...but she is awesome when it comes to Retail and Customer Service.

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